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Acer to launch affordable Windows 8 touchscreen laptop

The Taiwanese manufacturer may have taken heed of the surprising success of Asus’ Vivobook family which combined touch capabilities with Windows 8.

According to a report published by Digitimes’ Aaron Lee and Joseph Tsai, the device will have a suggested selling price of $399 (that’s around £250) which will bring it almost to Netbook levels.

Sources close to the upstream supply chain told the journalists that it is very unlikely that touchscreen laptop with a cheaper price tag will appear in the short term.

Corners will have to be cut in order to cut down on the bill of material to reach that price point. The touchscreen notebook and its touch panel glass will be manufactured by ODM Winstron and will use soda lime which is cheaper and inferior to Corning’s Gorilla Glass.

But that should be good enough for an everyday use where laptop users tend to interact less with the touch screen.

Microsoft is also rumoured to be subsidising Acer’s efforts to bring the price of this ultraportable laptop to less than $400. Acer apparently wants to push the share of touchscreen laptops from 15 per cent to up to 35 per cent by the end of the year.

Acer’s archrival, Asus, is also rumoured to be planning a low-cost touchscreen notebook to match its competitor’s and is likely to include it in its popular entry level Vivobook range.

You can read an interview we had with Jerry Kao, Acer’s associate vice president, where we talk about touchscreen devices as well as Windows 8.

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