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Cheapest UHD 4K2K television sets to sell for as low as £400 soon?

Chinese TV manufacturers are said to consider holding special sales events for Ultra HD TV products in the first week of May to coincide with the holiday period. Prices, according to anonymous industry sources, are likely to fall in line with Full HD TV models.

Rebecca Kuo and Alex Wolfgram from Digitimes report that TCL will sell a 55in Ultra HD unit for CNY$9,999, roughly about £1,000 while another major vendor, Skyworth, will sell a 39in Ultra HD unit for CNY$3,999, that’s a shade above £400.

If that rumour is true, it will be a rather unexpected move given that the Ultra HD TV panels are significantly more expensive than full HD ones (twice or thrice) and may be symptomatic of the cut-throat competition between home-grown Chinese players.

That said, the vendors believe that the artificially reduced price will help boost TV sales by as much as 12 per cent when combined with an ongoing energy-saving subsidy scheme put in place by the Chinese government.

Earlier this month, we reported about an obscure TV manufacturer called Seiki Digital which is selling a Ultra HD TV set via Tigerdirect in the US for around £850.

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