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Concurrent Xbox One and PlayStation 4 launch would help kickstart gaming industry again

The concurrent release of the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 would provide a major boost to the gaming industry and benefit consumers, according to EEDAR analyst Jesse Divinch.

Both of the next-generation consoles are being tipped with a late-2013 consumer release, which would see them arrive in time for the lucrative pre-holiday shopping season

In the first instance, the PS4 and Xbox 720 are expected to break cover at E3, a major annual gaming showcase held in Los Angeles in June.

"It would be best for the industry to see a simultaneous launch of the next generation consoles. The combined marketing campaigns from both Microsoft and Sony will act as a catalyst to drive excitement back into traditional consoles," commented Divinch.

The choice would also serve to "benefit the consumer," Divinch added.

Sony officially unveiled the PlayStation 4 at a special event back in February, though its presentation left some onlookers disappointed at the lack of physical hardware on display.

For its part, Microsoft is due to reveal the Xbox 720 on 21 May. Both consoles are expected to feature PC-styled x86 architecture under the hood.

Recent speculation has posited that Sony may look to distance itself from a joint launch, however, and pull the cloak off the PlayStation 4 before E3.