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Information security threats to business from Facebook

Is there a Stealth Bomber in your network? The answer could be yes, according to research from global security firm Palo Alto Networks. It is an invisible threat which lurks behind many corporate firewalls. And as new research shows many people don't know about it.

Alex Raistrick:

We analysed the traffic from over 3000 companies around the world and found that malware is often encrypted to the highest possible levels. Your traditional company file is not going to be able to detect those problems. Social media is often automatically encrypted to protect users information but this is an open door to hackers and deliverers of malware to damage your network. Facebook appears to be the weapon of choice it is 200 times more likely to have a threat within its traffic than any other social media application, so this is clearly a problem for these companies.

For many Facebook is a harmless bit of fun in the work place but malware which operates on the platform can pose an invisible threat to corporate networks

Bob Tarzey:

When it comes to social networking given the opportunity users can do whatever they are allowed to do so that is not a big surprise that they are suing social networks for good and bad reasons but they will have little regard for some of the dangers that may come along with their use.

Stealth Bombers are pretty big you can't really miss them providing you can see them. In the same way businesses need to be more vigilant as malware poses its own invisible threat