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Redesigned iOS 7 to feature new-look interface and vehicle integration

In advance of June's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), which will likely include news of iOS 7, rumours about what the revamped mobile OS will include are now hitting the web.

Citing sources who have seen or been briefed on the upcoming platform, 9to5Mac reported that iOS 7 will offer a redesigned user interface that may attract new customers, but could be troublesome for long-time users.

The new interface is "very, very flat," according to two 9to5Mac sources. One likened it to Microsoft's Windows Phone "Metro" UI, while another said it ditches Apple's well-known skeuomorphic designs.

While iDevice users can expect a tweaked look — new icons for Apple's native apps, and new tool bars and tab bars — core apps and system functions like the Lock and Home screens will operate in mostly the same way as iOS 6, 9to5Mac said.

There's one more thing, though. Apple is reportedly planning to enter the in-car integration game, attempting to stuff iOS's Maps and Siri services deep into vehicle interfaces, moving even beyond iOS-based consoles, like the one Volkswagen is incorporating into its iBeetle. According to 9to5Mac's sources, the Cupertino-based firm wants to allow drivers to plug their iPhone into a car and interact with an optimised version of Apple Maps on the vehicle's built-in display, instead of a propriety GPS system. (Enter Apple Maps joke here.)

Apple is also expected to unveil a new version of Mac OS X at WWDC.

There are a number of developers who failed to nab a ticket to the developer event. Even though tickets are priced at $1,599 (£1,030) each, the entire event sold out in approximately two minutes. Apple, however, will extend an olive branch to those developers who missed out on a ticket. The Cupertino-based tech titan announced last week that, along with providing streaming conference videos, it will be "hitting the road" in the fall with a Tech Talks series "in a city near you."

No further details have been announced, including a timeline or list of stops. The Next Web pointed out that Apple went on a Tech Talks road trip surrounding the release of iOS 5, which took the company to Berlin, London, Rome, Beijing, Seoul, São Paolo, New York City, Seattle, and Austin.