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Samsung 250GB 840 Series SSD down to £110

The average price of solid state storage is falling fast and Samsung is playing a key role in making the technology more affordable for the masses. It is currently offering a £15 cashback on its 250GB 840 Series SSD, bringing the product down to a mere £110 including delivery at Ebuyer. That’s a cost per gigabyte of only 44p which is still 14 times bigger than for traditional hard disk storage but the gap is shrinking fast.

The Samsung 250GB 840 Series SSD (otherwise knbown as the MZ-7TD250BW) has a sequential read/write speed of 540MBps and 250MBps respectively while 4K random read/write reach 96KIOPS and 62KIOPS respectively.

The SSD, which supports SATA-600, comes with a three year manufacturer’s warranty on top of that and uses Samsung’s own NAND flash memory. The company says that it uses specially-engineered wear-leveling and garbage collection algorithms to maintain a high performance level.

Note that it doesn’t come with a 3.5in bracket which means that it is best used in a rack server or in a laptop. You can read a review of the Samsung 250GB 840 Series SSD here.

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