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Vine update brings support for front-facing camera

For better or worse, the era of Vine selfies has commenced.

Twitter has updated its Vine video-sharing app to version 1.1, which adds some user-requested features like the ability to shoot with the front-facing camera. That's right – the still self-portraits we all know and love are old news. Moving selfies are the newest thing.

When creating a post, you'll need to tap the button in the bottom left corner to use the front-facing camera. You can switch between the front and back cameras as many times as you want when creating one of your six-second masterpieces.

If that wasn't enough, the latest version of the app also supports mentions. So after you've filmed a Vine selife with a friend, you can tag your co-star in the caption of your post. When you tag someone, their Vine profile will automatically link in your video's caption.

To mention a user, simply type @username and select their name among the suggestions you see. If someone else mentions you in a post, you'll receive a notification in the Activity section.

Twitter acquired Vine in October, and launched the six-second video-sharing app in late January. The company late last month updated Vine with the ability to embed videos anywhere on the Internet. Vine is currently available only for iPhone users, but if a February job posting is any indication, the service might soon be coming to an Android device near you.

The latest version of Vine for iOS is available for download in the App Store.