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Waze set for Windows Phone beta launch

Social driving and navigation app Waze has announced that it is seeking Windows Phone users to participate in a beta programme prior to its official launch on the platform.

"As some of you may have heard, a new version of Waze is soon to be available for Windows Phone devices," according to a post on the Waze discussion forum. "We are now opening a beta program for Windows Phone users and we'd like you to join!"

Those who have a Windows Phone device and are interested in being part of the programme will first need to apply on the Waze beta portal. Selected beta testers will be among the first to test out the forthcoming Waze for Windows Phone app, help Waze find any bugs and issues, provide feedback about the app's features, and suggest ways to make it function better.

The first beta version is expected to be released "in a couple of weeks," Waze said.

Meanwhile, Microsoft also launched a new beta programme intended to improve the Facebook app for Windows Phone. The Redmond-based firm is looking for volunteers to download and test a beta version of Facebook for Windows Phone, which is currently undergoing a redesign to include several user-requested features.

The redesign adds support for high-resolution photos, post sharing, and Facebook Timeline. Microsoft is asking beta testers to pass along bug reports and feature requests by going to Settings>About in the app. Users can have the existing Facebook app and the beta version installed side by side on their phone.

Those who are interested in participating in the trial can download the Facebook beta app from the Windows Phone Store.