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Today's Tech: Google claims YouTube has killed TV, Android beating Apple's iOS in tablet market, Intel sued by Lehman Brothers

Google-owned YouTube has today revealed that it dishes up some six billion hours of entertainment to viewers every month, releasing a celebratory video to mark its latest achievement. What's more, the popular video-hosting site has "already" overtaken television as a medium for media consumption, according to outspoken company chairman Eric Schmidt. Recent speculation has pointed to YouTube offering paid subscriptions in the near future, and the site already features a limited range of pay-per-play content. Follow the link for more on the media world's new superpower.

Telecoms overlord the at800 Group is expanding its 4G trials to Brighton, announcing that a new round of Freeview interference testing will commence in the vibrant south coast city from mid-May. Some 80,000 addresses in Brighton are being informed that a 4G mast will be activated in their area, with more than 2,400 households set to receive an at800 filter ahead of the switch-on. The group said that Brighton was the next key battleground for TV interference testing, as the city's Freeview signal is transmitted on frequencies that are "particularly close" to the 800MHz frequencies used by 4G mobile broadband services. The Brighton trial is also significant for marking the first time at800 will specifically target elderly and disabled residents with a support service. Read on for the full story.

Google’s Android operating system is winning the battle for tablet dominance so far this year, surpassing Apple’s iOS to feature on over half of the slates shipped in the first quarter of 2013. Figures released by IDC reveal that 27.8 million Android tablets have already been sold which represents a huge 247.5 per cent year-over-year growth for the software in this format. Of course, the OS has the advantage of featuring on a multitude of devices compared to the iPad-only iOS, but Apple will no doubt be casting an envious glance at Android’s 56.5 per cent market share. The story is decidedly bleaker for Microsoft however, read on to for news on the fortunes, or lack-of, for the Surface tablet and Windows RT.

Intel is being sued by bankrupt investment bank Lehman Brothers over the chip giant’s alleged breach of a trade agreement made days before Lehman’s collapse in 2008. The deal in place saw Intel give $1 billion to Lehman Brothers OTC Derivatives Inc (LOTC) in exchange for over 50.5 million shares to be delivered on the settlement date of 29 September, 2008, according to a filing made in the New York bankruptcy court. The agreement also saw LOTC post $1 billion in cash collateral to Intel, and specified that the manufacturer would be compensated for losses if there was to be an early termination of the deal. Follow the link to see where the friction emerged and what the case could mean for Intel.