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Developer unveils Reddit Timeline for Google Glass

The Explorer Edition of Google Glass is now rolling out to developers, who are using their expertise to craft custom apps for the futuristic specs. One such app, from Glass Explorer Malcolm Nguyen, allows Glass enthusiasts to tap into Reddit.

Nguyen has launched what he calls 'Reddit Timeline for Glass' — a direct link to the top 25 posts from your Reddit FrontPage.

In a post on Google+, Nguyen said he is frequently distracted from his daily tasks by all that Reddit has to offer. But that procrastination does not extend to his new toy.

"Then there's Glass, with no compelling reason to use while at the office or work, it sits tucked away inside the desk drawer," he wrote.

Enter Reddit Timeline. "Now you can get pictures of cats and memes and _gonewild beamed directly to your face without anyone suspecting a thing," Nguyen wrote.

The app, the name of which Nguyen is open to changing, updates those top 25 stories every hour, and also includes up-vote/down-vote options, a "Share to Reddit" button, comment threading, comments that can be read aloud, and the ability to reply to comments.

Most first reactions to the Reddit Timeline were positive: "You sir are a genius, shame I don't have Glass to use it," Nathan Myers wrote in response to Nguyen's announcement.

"This will take slacking off to a whole new level," Justin Smith wrote, a sentiment mirrored by Mark Stout: "And so ends Western Civilization. I'll be an enthusiastic user."

Those who snagged Glass can install Reddit Timeline on

Meanwhile, Twitter may be working on its own Google Glass application. An eagle-eyed developer this week spotted a tweet posted with the #throughglass hashtag, and the "Twitter for Glass" label. The account (@MogroothMuddler), along with the source message and photo, has since been deleted.

Google Glass apps are slowly rolling out, including one from the New York Times, as well as Evernote and Gmail. In fact, only recently developer Mike DiGiovanni revealed Winky, an application that bypasses the device's side-mounted touch control panel in favour of winking to take a photo.