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Google updates YouTube Capture iOS app

Google has updated its YouTube Capture iOS app with some new features and improvements that should make for a better experience when uploading videos from an iPhone or iPad.

Most notable among the changes is the option to upload videos only when a device is connected to Wi-Fi. This feature should help prevent users from quickly eating up their monthly data allowance, especially for those who frequently upload large files.

The latest version (1.3) also introduces high-definition previews for enhancements made in the app. In addition, when uploading a video, the app will now show how much time is remaining until the upload is complete. The app should also launch faster with this update, according to the release notes.

In addition to those improvements, Google also fixed several issues that caused the app to misbehave when an upload is in progress, and when a device is low on storage space.

Launched in December, YouTube Capture lets users record video on their iOS device, and upload it to YouTube instantly.

After filming a video, the app will provide the option to make the video public or private, share on social networks, or enhance the video with things like colour correction and stabilisation. Users can also shorten a video and add free background music from YouTube. It can then be uploaded in 480p or 720p.

Meanwhile, media giants like Time Warner are increasingly investing in companies that create content for the Google-owned video-sharing network, YouTube vice president Robert Kyncl said earlier this week.

In line with this trend, DreamWorks Animation recently announced that it has acquired teen-focused YouTube network AwesomenessTV. In addition, the advertising consortium ANA Alliance for Family Entertainment this week said it plans to buy media across 32 family-oriented YouTube channels.

The latest version of YouTube Capture is available for download in the App Store now.