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Instagram launches new 'Photos of You' tagging feature

Instagram has added tagging for people and brands. The feature, dubbed "Photos of You," will allow users to tag the friends or businesses featured in their filtered snaps just like they might add a hashtag.

"We have always sought to give you simple and expressive ways to bring the stories behind your photos to life. Your captions and hashtags capture the 'what?' and your Photo Map answers the 'where?' but until today we've never quite been able to answer the 'who?'" Instagram said in a blog post.

Unlike Facebook, however, which allows users to tag friends' photos, Instagram photos can only be tagged by their owners.

"Only you can add people to your photos, so you have control over the images you share," Instagram said.

The tag that shows up will be the Instagram user's account name rather than their full name. Users can tag any account on the photo-sharing site, "whether it's your best friend, favourite coffee shop or even that adorable dog you follow," Instagram said.

Photos of You is available via an update to the iOS and Android Instagram apps, which are live now in the App Store and on Google Play. That update will add a "Photos of You" section on your profile, which will include tag notifications. Settings can be adjusted for those who want to approve tags before they go live or adjust their visibility. In a demo, there's also an option to "Show in My Profile" or "Hide from My Profile."

"Before your Photos of You section is visible to other people, you'll have until May 16th to play around and get used to the feature," Instagram wrote.

During a Wednesday earnings call, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that Instagram is "growing faster than Facebook did when it was this size."

Zuckerberg said growth is the main focus for the photo-sharing site, which Facebook acquired a year ago.

"They're growing very quickly, and that's the right focus for them," he said. "They have this opportunity to capture and build up this huge community and that should be 100 per cent of the focus right now."

Zuckerberg is "optimistic about the business opportunity" for Instagram, since brands are already embracing the app. But right now, Facebook is focusing on growing that user base while pondering ways to create a richer experience for brands.