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The mobile security ecosystem by Exclusive Networks

Caroline Thomas, Marketing Manager for Exclusive Networks explains some of the risks and the lack of understanding that exist for businesses in the ever more mobile world. Speaking at Infosecurity Europe 2013 she explains how mobile security has been broken down into an Iceberg Ecosystem model to offer advice to businesses on the correct steps to minimize the threats posed by mobile working.

Explain the Mobile Enterprise Ecosystem?

We have got an onslaught of devices and applications coming into the network which we need to be able to have control and visibility of. What we are seeing is that our users are downloading applications which we sometimes think are useful for our enterprise or that are able to benefit our business and how we can move things through the business quicker and faster to be better competitive and to be at an advantage on our competitors. So we are seeing all these applications come in but as an IT department we don't know what these applications are and if they are the right thing for our business. What we can see is that applications can take data out of our business and that is our crown jewel and those are the type of information we don't want going anywhere around the globe so what we do is that we try and make sure that we can see the uploaded applications and control those applications to ensure that our data is not being leaked in places that we do not want it to be leaked to.

There is the technical aspect of securing mobile devices but is getting good working practices between employees and businesses in the workplace important as well?

Yes so what we have is that we have developed a policy document which we are giving out to our users. It is like a broad document that can use and take away and create your own policy document but we try to give you the bare bones to make that process a little bit easier for you within your business.

What are the main security concerns that businesses are facing over mobile devices currently?

The main issue is really about where our data is going to so we have got our workers who are downloading applications, they are working in the office and they are working in remote offices or on client's site or even in our local coffee shop. We want to make sure that the data they are accessing is safe and is secure but we still want to make sure that we are giving but we want to be able to use all this technology that is in place today. So we want them to use iPads and iPhones and all those great devices and make those businesses better and much more worthwhile for the individual so we want to make sure that our business is secure.

Do you think that businesses are taking mobile security seriously enough or is it still very much a case of raising awareness?

A bit of both I think people really do understand that they really need to do something but they don't necessarily know how or where to start. The process is so big, as we illustrate by the iceberg in our ecosystem model its huge, so where do we start. So what we are trying to do is to make the process of considering mobile security less daunting and help them to understand it more.