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Samsung Galaxy S4 deal: 12-months deals from only £52.25 per month

You can now get the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone on a 12-month contract for as little as £52.25 per month on Vodafone via Dialaphone. But it does pay to fork out a little extra to get more for your dosh. (Compared to our last series of 12-months contract from Vodafone, prices have gone down).

The online mobile retailer offers four different Vodafone plans. Vodafone 39, 43, 47 and 52 with a total cost of ownership of £627, £635, £643 and £663 respectively. Given that the SIM free cost of the Samsung Galaxy S4 currently stand at around £580, any of these deals is actually worthy.

What’s notable though is how small the premium between the cheapest plan and the most expensive one is. £36 spread over a year (that’s £3 per month) gets you an upgrade from 300 minutes to unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and an upgrade from 250MB data allowance to 2GB.

The smartphone was launched nearly two months ago and has proved to be one of the most popular pre-ordered smartphones ever.

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