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Toshiba unveils 4G-capable WT310 Windows 8 business tablet

Toshiba unveiled a new business tablet called the WT310. As expected, it is based on an Intel Core processor solution, possibly ultra low-voltage models used by Ultrabooks).

Aimed at businesses, it also sports advanced security and data management features, all based on Intel’s solutions (TPM, Intel Anti-Theft etc). There’s also Windows 8 Pro, HDMI out, a SD card slot, a USB 3.0 port, support for Intel Wi-Di, Bluetooth 4.0 and interestingly, support for optional HSPA+ and LTE (4G).

Another notable feature is an 11.6in 1,920 x 1,080 pixel display which makes good use of the bundled digitising pen. The WT310 is “reassuringly” heavy at 825g and thick (at 12.4mm).

It will probably come with 4GB of RAM (the hint is in the Windows 8 64-bit version) and, as expected, SSD. Toshiba also plans a docking station for it which will offer a few extra ports like a GbE one.

We suspect that the tablet, which should come later this quarter and will come in a number of stock keeping units, will run on Intel’s latest fourth generation Core architecture, Haswell.

Microsoft is expected to launch smaller versions of its own Surface Pro tablet. It will be interesting to see at what price points these are launched and how Microsoft managed to reduce the size of the display while keeping Windows 8 touch functionality usable.

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