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UK startup Sonocent pushes innovative Audio Notetaker

Ever been sat in a meeting, interview, conference keynote or university lecture and frantically struggled to take notes while still trying to absorb the important chatter going on around you? It’s a trying scenario many of us will find familiar, and that’s why Leeds-based startup Sonocent believes its Audio Notetaker software assistant has the potential to become laptop staple.

Sonocent began life in 2007, primarily focused on education and providing tools to aid those with dyslexia, but having been able to incorporate more of its ideas than ever before in this year’s Version 3 of Audio Notetaker, company director Dave Tucker told ITProPortal the updated product is ready to hit the mainstream.

Cutting to the chase, one of the clearest explanations of Audio Notetaker can be found in Sonocent’s video above. Running on PC or Mac, the software records sound visually, producing blocks on your screen in real time that the user can highlight with a tap of a button, and annotate for future reference. Thus, when the recording is complete, finding the key moments is quick and convenient, while the feature-heavy UI enables a full edit and reshuffle of the recording, allowing it to be used for a variety of purposes.

Helping to make Audio Notetaker V3 Sonocent’s most complete package to date are updates including output recording, so sound being played from your computer can be processed as well as sound coming in; screen capture, so users can grab video stills to compliment the audio; an additional UI pane for notes and annotations; a copy function, so text from PowerPoint and other files can be directly pasted alongside the audio; and noise cancellation for maximum playback quality.

As ITProPortal’s eyes widened at the prospect of infinitely more efficient interview transcribing, Tucker said interest was indeed growing among journalists, as well as other frequent interviewers like police, market researchers, students and scholars. The tool can also be used by speech analysts, who can break down and scrutinise spoken language using the software's functions.

The firm is thus on an international promotion campaign to lodge Audio Notetaker in the minds of institutions and everyday consumers alike, and Tucker revealed their efforts had already yielded a lucrative distribution partnership in the US.

As for UK availability, the latest version of Audio Notetaker can be bought for PC for £29.99 on a six month licence, or £95.99 for a perpetual license. Version 2.7 can be had on Mac for the same prices, with more information available on Sonocent’s website.