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6x DeepCool CPU cooler preview

In our large round-up of CPU coolers back in February, we tested products from the brand DeepCool for the first time. Their Fiend Shark cooler didn't make a great impression, but the Neptwin did. The Noctua NH-D14 look-a-like offered excellent cooling for a pretty low price, if you could live with a little noise, you got yourself a much cheaper cooler with the same cooling capacity. Perfect for overclockers on a budget, in other words.

That Neptwin wetted our appetite, so lucky for us DeepCool had more for us to test. We received six more coolers from them. Arranged from cheap to expensive, they are: Gamma Archer, GammaXX 300, Gamma XX 400, Ice Blade Pro V2.0, FrosTwin and Ice Warrior. Prior to presenting the test results, we'll briefly describe each cooler.

The Gamma Archer is the cheapest cooler with an average price of €10.50. It's compatible with Intel Socket 1155/1156 processors and AMD Socket AM3 and FM1/FM2. The 284 gram cooler doesn't have any heatpipes, which isn't surprising considering the price. It has a 120mm fan on top that can turn at a maximum of 1,600 rpm at 12V. It will be interesting to see whether this cooler is any better than the boxed coolers from AMD and Intel.

The Gamma XX 300 is DeepCool's entry-level tower cooler and it reminds us of products like the Cooler Master Blizzard T2. It has the trademark blue fan that's featured on allmost all DeepCool coolers. Like the Gamma Archer this cooler isn't compatible with Socket 2011, but it will fit on all other current sockets. Its average price is € 20.18, still very low. It weighs 435 grams and has a single 120 mm fan, that can turn between 900 and 1600 rpm. There is room for a second fan. You can read the rest of the 6x DeepCool CPU cooler review on