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EMC introduces “Business Partners” programme in lieu of Velocity

Software and storage giant EMC has announced that it will “retire” the Velocity name by the end of the year and introduce an EMC-centric brand that will connect all its partners regardless of size under one moniker on 1st January.

As such, EMC Business Partner will include Velocity Solution Provider, Service Provider, Global Alliances, Services, IIG and Technology partners. Other than pushing the EMC brand even deeper in partners’ subconscious, it aims at them with some of the goodwill of the company.

As Gregg Ambulos, Senior VP, Global Channel Sales at EMC, explained in a blog post announcing the decision, the partners’ customers will “know the company has all of the vision and strength of EMC backing it up.”

The announcement comes a few months after EMC rehauled the Velocity partner program, adding a new set of rebates and incentives laid out in a bid to simplify the reselling process, making it more profitable and predictable for parties involved.

EMC did not provide with more details regarding how exactly the changes will take place but we suspect that the company will provide with a more detailed roadmap once EMC World ends.

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