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Seagate reveals new solid state drive series

Seagate has introduced a new lineup of solid state drives (SSDs), including its first client SSDs and next-generation enterprise drives.

The new lineup, built to provide ultra-fast speed and high data integrity, includes the Seagate 600, 600 Pro, and 1200 SSD. The company also threw in the new Seagate X8 Accelerator, a storage class memory PCIe card powered by Virident.

"With these new drives, Seagate solidifies its commitment to the flash-based market by delivering enterprise SSDs and server-side solutions as well as client solutions," Gary Gentry, general manager of Seagate's SSD business, said.

Laptop lovers can get a boost from the 600 SSD (pictured), which delivers faster boot-up speeds, shorter application load times, and improved system responsiveness. With up to 480GB of capacity, the drive is available in multiple z-heights, including an industry-first diminutive 5mm-high drive, ideal for use in ultra-thin devices or standard laptops.

Its Pro SSD counterpart combines fast performance and low power for cloud service providers, content delivery networks, and virtualised environments. The Pro drive reduces power and cooling costs for large data centres by automatically adjusting the power based on workload volumes. The 600 Pro also comes with up to 480GB of capacity.

The largest and most intense of the new drives, the 1200 SSD, is available with up to 800GB, designed for demanding enterprise storage. Providing ultra-fast data access, the drive aims to improve performance and help close the gap between processor and data access.

"By adding more SSDs to our family of hard disk and solid state hybrid drives, we now have the broadest portfolio of storage products in the industry, delivering one-stop shopping for our customers and partners," Gentry said. "And we're just getting started. Seagate is committed to becoming a premier supplier of both solid state drives and storage class memory products."

Meanwhile, the company also launched its Seagate 8X Accelerator, which delivers memory-class performance and storage-class capacity with enterprise reliability and data integrity in a single PCIe card. Its high storage capacity — up to 2.2TB — and small footprint make the X8 Accelerator ideal for any server.

Seagate has been in the business for more than three decades, and this year finally reached a major milestone, becoming the first hard disk drive manufacturer to ship 2 billion drives. An "explosive demand for storage" in the past four years put the company over the top in March, 34 years after shipping its first device.