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Sony unveils four new Vaio Fit entry-level laptops

Sony has introduced four new portable PCs, all of which include cheap price tags, sleek design, and touch-screen capabilities. The Fit 14 and 15 focus on design, while the Fit 14E and 15E are described as super thin and light.

Protected by aluminium casings, the machines are powered by the Windows 8 operating system and come with high-resolution displays — 1,600 x 900 for the 14in laptop, and 1,920 x 1,080 for the 15in device. Those HD screens also get a boost from colour-enhancement technology "for an unbelievably crisp picture so you can see your games and movies in detail," Sony said.

Additionally, Sony's ClearAudio+ sound quality feature is integrated into the entire Vaio Fit line; the E models also include big box speakers, while the 15E features a subwoofer, as well.

Standard features include a full-size backlit keyboard (with integrated number pad for the Fit 15 model), a large touchpad design, quick-charge functionality, and Sony's Rapid Wake technology for instant PC resume. Smartphone users with Near Field Communication technology can now quickly sync URLs and enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections just by touching an NFC-compatible device to the new Fit.

"We built the brand-new Vaio Fit line from many of the same features as our amazingly thin and powerful ultra-premium models but at an entry-level price point," Pedro LaFarga, senior VP for Sony Vaio, said. "Our entire new Fit lineup is optimised for Windows 8 and incorporates the best technology that only Sony can provide from our innovative digital imaging, sounds and TV divisions."

The laptops come in the traditional white, silver, or black, as well as a new pink colour. Processors range from Core i3 to Core i7, and a standard 4GB of RAM is available on all models, with options up to 12GB. Sony said it has shifted to Nvidia GeForce graphics, with 1GB and 2GB options. There are conventional hard drive options from 500GB to 1TB on the Fit E, or 500GB to 1TB hybrid hard drives, and optical drives on all four devices.

There is no work on UK pricing or availability yet.