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EMC adds notable features to Isilon OneFS OS

EMC will implement a number of upgrades for its flagship enterprise NAS solution, Isilon, the company announced at EMC World 2013. The storage and software behemoth said that it has started work on the next version of OneFS scale-out NAS operating system for its Isilon range of products and is scheduled to be delivered towards the end of the year.

The new version will include, amongst other things, data deduplication, audit and security features while the current version will be upgraded to support object-oriented storage (Object Access to Namespace), Syncplicity and Hadoop HDFS 2.0, all of which are available now.

The seventh iteration of OneFS will allow IT administrators to set up a simple "set-and-forget" block level depuplication policy that's flexible enough to accommodate anything from individual directories to complex, heterogeneous storage pools.

Bill Richter, president of the Isilon storage division of EMC, said at the conference that ""The enterprise landscape is rapidly transforming as traditional IT requirements for data protection, security and performance combine with the challenges of managing larger file-based and unstructured big data environments".

EMC's new Common Event Enable (CEE) will also allow the new version of OneFS OS to meet international regulatory requirements (Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA comes to mind) by maintaining a log of file access over SMB/CIFS protocols and easing the creation of reports and chain of custody tracking.

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