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EMC unveils “Data Protection Suite” licensing solution

EMC will offer a new flexible licensing model to its customers called "Data Protection Suite" in a bid to help them lower their cost of ownership and allows them to "mix and match the usage of individual products to best fit their requirements".

The suite will allow companies to simplify the acquisition, implementation and use of elements of EMC backup and archiving portfolio. The move is similar to the growing trend within the tech industry that sees the evolution of licensing models moving away from single initial outlays to a more accounting-friendly one.

In effect, the storage and software giant is emulating the likes of Amazon and Microsoft which have been promoting subscription and consumption models in a bid to stick propose IT-as-a-service solutions that stick better to customers' needs.

EMC says that organisations need to adopt data protection-as-a-service, which is what DPS is in a nutshell. Central to this model is what EMC calls a "survival kit" which is a core offering of best-of-breed backup and archive solutions. Customers are then able to customize this kit based on their individual requirements in terms of features and size.

Underpinning this approach is EMC's Protection Storage Architecture which in EMC's own words, "leverages consolidated protection storage as a repository for data", allowing for tighter integration across the IT ecosystem within a company and, combined with consolidated data management, gives access to a range of data protection services.

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