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Nokia Lumia 928 ad tackles iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 cameras

A new video ad for the upcoming Nokia Lumia 928 puts the new smartphone (and its camera) to the test against the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3.

From the front seat of The Hurricane roller coaster at Adventureland in New York, the Lumia 928 shows off what Nokia considers to be better colour and sharper images than those from competing phones.

"We took the new Nokia Lumia to Adventureland in Farmingdale, New York and strapped it to the front row of a rollercoaster called 'The Hurricane,'" the company wrote in its YouTube video description. "It's 60ft high and has an inverted loop, so we thought we would capture some video footage alongside the Samsung Galaxy S3 as well as the iPhone 5."

First, take a ride captured by the Lumia 928's PureView camera, which includes optical image stabilisation, a Carl Zeiss lens, and low-light support that takes in every twist and turn.

But what happens when the iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S3 makes the trip? Well, not much, because it's almost impossible to clearly make out what is happening along the coaster tracks. Against Apple's flagship smartphone, the Lumia 928 provided "greater colour saturation" and "sharper image focus," according to Nokia. This comes shortly after Apple released a new ad that showcased the iPhone 5's camera.

The Galaxy S3 fared only slightly better, offering better lighting than the iPhone, but falling behind the Lumia 928, which boasts "less video noise" and, again, a "sharper image focus." The video does not test the newer Galaxy S4, which has a number of new photo-related features. For more on that, check out The Samsung Galaxy S4's Camera: More megapixels, more software features.

"Which phone takes better video on this shake-filled and low-lit ride?" Nokia asked. "You decide."

Hopefully, the video is legitimate and Nokia learned its lesson after showing a fake video demo at the September Lumia 920 and 820 launch. The video, which featured a woman riding a bike and was meant to show off image stabilisation, was pretty impressive. But The Verge soon spotted a glaring error. Nokia made it look like the woman was shot by a companion who was also riding a bike, but a reflection in the video showed that she was actually shot by someone in a van holding a much larger camera and accompanied by a lighting crew. Nokia eventually apologised.

The Lumia 928 video, meanwhile, is the latest ad for the new smartphone, which has yet to be formally announced. It began last week with a two-page Vanity Fair spread, a billboard, and a new website. Nokia is holding press events this month - in London on 14 May - so expect more news then.

Last month, Nokia announced that it sold 5.6 million Lumia smartphones during the first quarter — up 27 per cent from the previous quarter. About two-thirds of those sales were for smartphones running Microsoft's latest Windows Phone 8 platform.