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Samsung planning more Galaxy S4 derivatives

Watch out for more Samsung Galaxy S4 derivatives over the next few weeks. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, the Galaxy S4 Activ are likely to accompany the Galaxy S4 Mini at launch in Europe.

An anonymous source told SamMobile that the S4 Mini, which we already heard of before, will be launched in week 29 (that's in July) and will carry the moniker GT-i9192ZWA or ZKA depending on colour.

The S4 Activ will also launch at the same time with a metallic Orange and will likely be geared towards a sporty/active audience (expect it to be both shock proof and water proof, a rugged version of the Galaxy S4). That handset will carry the moniker GT-9295MOA.

As for the Galaxy S4 Zoom, it is rumoured to be the camera version of the Galaxy S4, an evolution of the Galaxy Camera launched last year and was essentially a Galaxy S3 with a big sensor and a big zoom at the back. This device will carry the moniker SM-C1010ZZKA and ZWA depending on the colour and will launch towards the beginning of next month.

As for the Galaxy Mega 5.8 and Galaxy Mega 6.3, they are expected to launch in Europe in week 20 and week 19 respectively. Samsung launched the Galaxy S4 smartphone mid-March and the smartphone went on sale on 26 April.

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