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Today's Tech: Sony reports its first annual profit in five years and the Scams Awareness Month kicks off

With technically-minded criminals now presented with more avenues than ever to attack a digitally immersed public, the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) and Trading Standards Institute has embarked on its annual Scams Awareness Month for May 2013. According to the CAB, more than three million people in the UK fall victims to scams every year, costing us an eye watering collective average of £3.5 billion per annum. It is estimated that nearly half of us have been targeted by a scam, so the top five text hustles compiled by security firm Cloudmark will no doubt be familiar to many. The company collected data throughout April to determine which SMS scams were most prominent right now. While most of us will sniff out and instinctively ignore spammy test messages, not everyone in our family and friendship circles will be aware of the threats. And with fraudsters becoming increasingly creative, Cloudmark's top five could make essential reading for you and those you know.

As Apple gears up for its annual Worldwide Developers Conference next month, more evidence of iOS 7 is showing up in the wild; an update to its mobile OS that's expected to debut at the show. Several sites have reported seeing major spikes in traffic from devices running iOS 7 in recent days. Though the next-generation mobile operating system is not yet available to the masses, Apple news site MacRumors on Wednesday said it has noticed a "significant surge" in iOS 7 traffic to its site since last week. The hits are reportedly originating from Apple's own block of IP addresses, hinting that Cupertino is more aggressively testing the platform ahead of WWDC. As for what iOS 7 will entail, rumours suggest a redesigned user interface but similar functionality to iOS 6.

Sony is set to launch a new flagship 5in Full HD smartphone later this year, according to recent documentation submitted to America's Federal Communications Commission. The FCC filing lists the Sony 'NTT DoCoMo SO-04E' as pending approval, and speculation points to the issue number alluding to an Xperia Z follow-up, the Xperia A. NTT DoCoMo is one of Japan's largest mobile networks, so the likelihood is that Sony is planning to release the device on home soil to begin with, ahead of a wider international roll out. What's interesting is the level of detail provided by Sony in its submission, which includes a number of photos of a prototype Xperia A. Sony's current top-of-the-range mobile, the Xperia Z, first debuted back in January and was widely praised by critics, not least for its intriguing water and dust-resistant body. However, in recent months, some onlookers feel it has been shown up by the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4.

It's been a big day for the Japanese outfit, as Sony has posted its first annual profit in five years, thanks to a combination of aggressive asset sales and the bolstering effect of a weak Japanese yen on returns from export markets. The consumer electronics giant pulled in a net profit of 43 billion yen (£280m) to 31 March, 2013 - a massive reversal of fortune for the firm, which reported a loss of some 457 billion yen (£2.97bn) in the previous fiscal year. It has attributed its apparent resurgence to the £1.6 billion pulled in via asset sales, which included the off-loading of its New York headquarters in January for $1 billion (£647.2m). The company also shuttered its 'Sony City' complex in Tokyo. In fact, the 43 billion yen net profit actually exceeds the revised 40 billion yen forecast Sony issued back in April. However, some analysts remain cautious about Sony's future prospects, saying that the asset sales inflated its profits this year. Nevertheless, the news represents a major boost for Sony CEO Kaz Hirai, who has sought to restructure the company since taking the reins back in April 2012.