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BlueStacks' GamePop lets you play Android games on your TV

BlueStacks, known for bringing Android applications to Macs and PCs, has unveiled its GamePop console and subscription service.

The Android-powered console lets users play Android games on their TV, using an Android smartphone, iPhone, or the gamepad as the controller.

Interested gamers can pre-order the machine now. Once it ships, players can tap into more than 500 games, but the lineup will be refreshed over time.

Several top game developers have signed on with the new platform, including Glu Mobile, Halfbrick, and OutFit7, which makes the Talking Tom series. Additional Google app makers include Intellijoy, Deemedya, and Chinese company Droidhen.

Developers keep all of the in-app purchases made through GamePop; BlueStacks does not collect any share. Meanwhile, 50 per cent of GamePop subscription revenue is shared with developers, apportioned by usage, the company said.

"Mobile gaming has been taking off the past few years," BlueStacks CEO Rosen Sharma said in a statement. "BlueStacks' vision is to bring that same experience to bigger screens. The all-you-can-eat pricing model for GamePop lets users enjoy a much broader range of games, just as you can watch more movies with Netflix versus the pay-as-you-go model Blockbuster employed."

For a look at the new console, check out the video above.

The news comes as another Android-based gaming console - the Ouya - gears up for a June release. Ouya, however, announced this week that it will delay the official launch of its Android-based console from 4 June until 25 June, in order to meet high demand.