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Google Translate for Android update syncs phrases to your device

Google this week rolled out an update for its Translate for Android app, making commonly used translations more accessible on the go.

Google Translate lets you save your favourite translations into a so-called Phrasebook, but until now there was no easy way to access them from your phone or tablet. This week's update lets you automatically sync all the saved translations in your Phrasebook to your Android device, so they're right at your fingertips whenever you need them.

"When you're traveling in another country, you want quick access to your favorite translated phrases — whether it's 'Where can I find a museum?' or 'Do you know where the bathroom is?'" the Google Translate team wrote in a blog post. "With your favorite phrases synced across devices, we hope you'll never be at a loss for words again."

To sync your phrases, select "Phrasebook" in the app menu, then tap the "Sign in" button to log in to your Google account.

Users of the app will notice that the new Phrasebook option replaces the old Favourites feature. But don't worry about losing your saved phrases — they are now part of your Phrasebook.

In addition, the update also bolsters the camera input feature, which lets you snap a photo of text you need translated. This feature now supports 16 additional languages, including Bulgarian, Catalan, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Croatian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Icelandic, Lithuanian, Latvian, Norwegian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, and Swedish.

The updated app is available for download in Google Play.

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