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Ouya gains extra funding and delays console launch

Ouya announced this week that it will delay the official launch of its Android-based console until 25 June in order to meet demand.

The Ouya was originally scheduled to hit retail stores like Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop on 4 June. But "the demand we're seeing from gamers and our retailers is beyond our expectations, so, to meet all this demand, we are shifting our launch date by three weeks to give us time to make more Ouyas," co-founder Julie Uhrman wrote in a blog post.

The delay does not affect early backers, who are still on track to receive their devices by month's end.

Helping to meet that demand will be $15 million (£10 million) in funding, led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

The VC firm "originally backed Electronic Arts, and includes other great investors such as Mayfield Fund, Nvidia (who also makes the chips inside of Ouya), Shasta Ventures (who backed great hardware companies like Nest), and Occam Partners," Uhrman wrote.

That £10 million tops the $8.6 million (£5.5 million) that Ouya raised on Kickstarter last year, turning it into a hotly anticipated 2013 gaming release. The extra money, Ouya said, "means we've got additional resources to to make Ouya everything it can be. It means that we can increase production to meet our demand and continue to support game developers who are building innovative and exclusive games for Ouya."

Several other tech-related Kickstarter projects have had to delay their launches to meet demand or make some last-minute tweaks, like the Pebble smartwatch.

The Ouya console can be pre-ordered now for £99.

Earlier this week, the teardown experts at iFixit gave the Ouya a 9 out of 10 for repairability scale. That's the same score afforded to Oculus VR's virtual reality headset last month—the major difference being that the Oculus Rift examined by iFixit was a prototype, not the final version.

In April, Ouya unveiled the game that Kim Swift and Airtight Games developed exclusively for the console - Soul Fjord, which is set in a fantasy world where Norse mythology meets '70s funk and soul.