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Samsung Galaxy S4 storage claims set to face BBC Watchdog probe

The recently released Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone is set to receive another distinction, though this particular accolade is one the Korean company would probably prefer to go without.

Popular scam-busting BBC programme Watchdog is apparently set to investigate the Galaxy S4's lack of user-available storage on next week's show, according to a teaser video spotted online (see top).

In the clip, acerbic TV presenter and Watchdog host Anne Robinson asks: "Samsung - it claims its brand new Galaxy phone has an extra large memory, but what did it forget to mention?"

The Samsung Galaxy S4 first launched in March, winning praise for its rash of intriguing and innovative functionality. But subsequent owner investigations discovered that the handset's myriad features came at a price - a 16GB Galaxy S4 offers just 8GB of user-available on-board storage thanks to the bevy of native software.

For its part, Samsung has pointed out that the Galaxy S4 offers a microSD card slot, so users can cheaply and easily augment their device's on-board storage.

The Korean firm has also noted that the Galaxy S4 comes available in 32GB and 64GB iterations as well, though only the 16GB version has made it to the UK so far. It is thought that Watchdog may also probe why the roomier models are so hard to come by outside of select markets.

Samsung has so far declined to comment on its appearance in the show, but the BBC has confirmed that it is investigating the Galaxy S4.

The episode of Watchdog in question is set to air on BBC One on Wednesday, 15 May at 20:00 BST.