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Preview of Four Thermalright CPU coolers: Deluxe HSF compared to 44 other CPU coolers

We compare the True Spirit 120 Rev. A, True Spirit 140, AXP-100 and Silver Arrow SB-E Special Edition with 44 other CPU coolers.

Thermalright used to specialize in heatsinks that you had to buy a separate fan for. While many perhaps appreciate this freedom, Thermalright seemed to realize that selling complete CPU coolers was more profitable. While they obviously have tons of experience designing heatsinks, it will be interesting to see how well their fans work. Before we get to that, let's take a closer look at each cooler.

The True Spirit 120 Rev. A is a new version of the True Spirit 120 CPU coolers that have been around for some time now. The most visible change is the black/yellow fan, an acquired taste for some, that was replaced by a black/white model. The True Spirit 120 Rev. A is a modestly-sized tower cooler with four heatpipes, and it's a compatible with all current processor sockets. The 120mm fan has very few but large fins. The cooler has a PWM connector and turns at between 600 and 1,500rpm. The cooler weighs 633 grams and costs an average of £25.

The True Spirit 140 is the bigger sibling of the True Spirit 120. Again it's a cooler that's quite narrow, measuring only 8.5cm including fan. Thermalright still managed to fit six heatpipes on the heatsink. The 140mm fan looks a bit different with the round frame and blue/grey fins. We can't really think of any motherboards off the top of our heads that match this color scheme, but it's different at least. It's also available in black and white.

The fan has a 4-pin PWM connector and runs between 900 and 1300 rpm. Thermalright claims this cooler is very silent, which is confirmed by our tests. There's also room for a second fan. The True Spirit 140 is about £5 more expensive than the 120, with an average of £30. There's one striking difference, however: the True Spirit 140 is not compatible with Socket 2011, only for Socket 1155/1156 and the current AMD sockets. Read the rest of the 4x Thermalright CPU cooler preview on