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Samsung claims 5G mobile broadband with 1Gbps speeds to reach consumers by 2020

Not content with offering one of the most coveted 4G smartphones in the world, Galaxy S4 manufacturer Samsung is looking to dramatically up the ante in the mobile network sweepstakes via a lightning-fast 5G platform that could be available to consumers as soon as 2020.

According to South Korea's Yonhap News Agency, Samsung has confirmed the successful testing of a 5G network, reporting that the trials produced dizzying speeds of 1Gbps - a rate that would allow users to download entire HD films in seconds.

To put the 1Gbps mobile broadband breakthrough into perspective, it's the same whirlwind pace offered by the Google Fiber project, which is being trialled in the United States to the delight of select homeowners and businesses. The difference, obviously, is that Samsung's breakneck speeds will be coming direct to your handset.

The UK's 4G LTE mobile spectrum, which is currently being furnished by EE ahead of wider rollout later this year, maxes out at around 75Mbps.

Now for the mumbo-jumbo: Samsung's 5G network is based on a new adaptive array transceiver technology. It transmits data on the millimetre-wave Ka band at a frequency of 28GHz, utilising 64 atenenna elements to stop the signal from dissipating.

Samsung's prediction of a 2020 delivery date for its 5G platform coincides with similar goals being worked towards by the likes of China, Japan, and the European Union.

Indeed, over in Japan, prominent national carrier NTT DoCoMo has boasted of achieving whopping 10Gbps speeds during its 5G tests. Sony-backed So-net Entertainment also recently launched a 2Gbps fibre broadband service.