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AMD promises to halve server costs without performance penalties

AMD has announced the availability of a range of rack-mounted servers based on its AMD Open 3.0 specification which is part of the Open Compute Project, one which was launched by Facebook. Interestingly, it claims that, in some cases, systems based on AMD's Open 3.0, will be able to perform just as well as rivals with a much lower total cost of ownership.

More specifically, AMD says that users can expect savings of up to 57 per cent when running Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) with one particular case seeing the cost per virtual desktop instance dropping from $91.19 to $38.24.

AMD's proposed solution is fundamentally opened (hence the name) and relies on the company's Opteron 6300 series which can be installed on motherboards that do not necessitate new rack servers. The boards each come with a pair of Opteron 6xxx processors, four channels of three DIMMS each (and a maximum system capacity of 384GB of RAM), six SATA connectors (and oddly no SAS), dual channel gigabit Ethernet NIC with integrated management, up to four PCI Express expansion slots (depending on the height of the rack), one serial & two USB ports and a mezzanine connector for custom module solutions.

Arguably, the savings hinge on the entire platform rather than on pure performance gains and it is in AMD's benefits to demonstrate a reduced TCO via reduced costs.

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