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App Creator promises to help enterprises build custom apps in minutes

ITProPortal is in a baking hot Las Vegas, attending ServiceNow's latest annual convention, Knowledge13, where thousands of IT professionals have gathered to share and gain expertise in cloud services for enterprise IT service automation.

In case you don't know much about ServiceNow, it is a company that provides cloud-based applications to a vast number of organisations, including Barclays, John Lewis and CERN. Its suite of apps is designed to tackle a host of everyday business processes and promises to enhance company efficiency and lower operational costs.

Yesterday, the San Diego company launched the ServiceNow App Creator, which (the name is rather self-explanatory) enables people and organisations to quickly build their own service-oriented enterprise apps, custom-made to fit different business requirements, like processing work orders and tracking software bugs.

One of its aims is to empower so-called 'citizen developers' and ordinary people with minimal technological expertise. According to past Gartner research, these citizen developers will have built around a quarter of new business apps by 2014.

"We constantly see our customers developing their own applications on our platform," said Fred Luddy, founder and chief product officer at ServiceNow. "The App Creator sets a new, low threshold for mere mortals to stand up a new application in just minutes. ServiceNow is empowering IT with a powerful platform for automating services delivered across the enterprise."

The fact that App Creator uses a simplified 'point-click-publish' approach means that the creative process is sped up tremendously, taking novices minutes, rather than experts hours, days and weeks.

Over 1,000 individual apps have so far been developed on the ServiceNow platform. Jim Uomini, service level manager for the University of San Francisco's Information Technology Services, one of the early adopters of the platform, said. "App Creator provides a breakthrough in simplifying the process of building custom applications."

"We have been developing two or three custom applications per year on the ServiceNow platform, and App Creator improves the speed and organisation of application development, which is critical when IT resources are limited."

By harnessing the powers of ServiceNow's platform, the university has already made apps for processes such as student data requests, campus ID and security and online support for students. Other applications built on the service include public events management, new employee onboarding and supplier self-service.

The App Creator is available now to all current ServiceNow customers, who can find out more by following the link.