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Be Quiet! Dark Rock 2 CPU cooler previewed and compared to 48 other CPU coolers

That high-end cooler cooled extremely well and was also very quiet. In our recent group test of 33 CPU coolers, when we switched to a new and improved method of testing, the Dark Rock Pro 2 was once again one of the best coolers. So when Be Quiet! informed us that a more affordable version was on the way, we were of course very interested. Today we will take a closer look at the Dark Rock 2, without the Pro suffix.

The Dark Rock 2 is clearly cheaper than the Pro version, even if it's not very apparent from the average price. The cheapest you'll find is just below 50 euros, and the most expensive almost 100 euros. The Dark Rock Pro 2 costs € 69.

The two coolers are clearly related, the Dark Rock 2 is also completely black with a black aluminium plate on the top and a black fan. We love the design of it, actually. The Dark Rock 2 has a smaller heatsink in one part with only one fan, where the Pro version has two. The smaller heatsink and the lack of a second fan makes the Dark Rock 2 about 4 cm less deep. It also has one less heatpipe, with six. The 135mm fan spins at a maximum of 1300rpm and has a 4-pin PWM plug. It weighs 871 grams, compared to the 1,250 grams of the Dark Rock Pro 2.

Like the Pro version the Dark Rock 2 is compatible with all current Intel and AMD sockets. Read the rest of Be Quiet! Dark Rock 2 CPU cooler preview on