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SMS sharing and profiles boosted in Flipboard for iOS

Flipboard has released an iOS update for iPad and iPhone users, offering a slew of new features, like revamped profiles and the option to text magazines to someone.

"But really it's about friends," the Flipboard team wrote in a blog post. "(Isn't it always?)"

Tap on the red ribbon in the right corner of the screen (video above), and you'll find the "Friends" tab, where users can click "Flips by Friends" to flip through content and magazines curated by friends on Flipboard and social networks.

"The Friends category is a good way to quickly learn about magazines being curated or refreshed by people you care about," Flipboard said. "These magazines can fuel your own curatorial efforts or just your mind."

Also, tapping on your name will provide a new view of what your curation activity looks like to everyone else. Personal stats (articles curated, number of readers across magazines, number of magazines curated) show up above all content you've accumulated.

The same is true for other users. If you're flipping through the app and land on a magazine you like, just click the creator's avatar on the cover, and tap "More from" to see an overview of their curated contact.

Meanwhile, sharing Flipboard magazines is now easier. In addition to the email and social network options, this update includes a text button. Tap the icon, add a customised message and recipient, and send. Arriving as an HTML message, the person can click on the link, and if they already have Flipboard installed, the magazine will automatically open in the application.

The company introduced magazines in late March with Version 2.0; users can pull articles, photos, audio, and videos to organize into a digital magazine for public or private consumption. Just tap the "+" button next to articles to add them to an existing or new in-app magazine. Just last week, the social news magazine expanded its magazine curation feature to Android users and onto the Web.

Flipboard is available for free in the Apple iTunes Store and the Google Play store.