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BlackBerry 10.1 brings Skype to BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry 10.1 roll out starts today for the BlackBerry Z10 and with it comes Skype, Microsoft's popular VoIP and messaging client, one which has been available for preview via BlackBerry World for the BlackBerry Q10, the QWERTY version of the Z10, for a few weeks.

The application integrates nicely with the BlackBerry Hub and may be seen as competition to BlackBerry's BBM. The latter launched today and will become a cross platform communication application for the first time ever, with clients on iOS and Android but not, surprise, surprise on Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 or Windows OS.

The move could be seen as a small but significant win for Microsoft as the software giant wants to bring its own communication ecosystem to businesses and bridging the gap between mobile and desktop environments using Skype's formidable clout.

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