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Oracle unveils UK datacentre with G-Cloud certification

Enterprise behemoth Oracle will open a new datacentre in July in the Thames Valley region, west of London, its third in the UK (and the fourth in Europe), and one which has been specifically commissioned to fulfill the growing ambitions of the UK Government when it comes to cloud computing.

As such the datacentre, which was announced at the UK Cloud World event, is fully compliant with the G-Cloud initiative, offering cloud services that can be procured by the Government departments using the G-Cloud framework and the CloudStore catalogue.

It will also be fully compliant with the IL3 security protocols and according to Dermot O'Kelly, Oracle's UK&I country manager, it will be a ring-fenced datacentre which probably explains why the company refused to disclose more details about the location of the building.

The Equinix Slough datacentre joins two others, one located near Edinburgh and the other in London. The company's president, Mark Hurd, also revealed that Oracle has now raked in more than $1 billion worth of [annual] cloud subscription revenues, making of it the second biggest player in the cloud market.

Hurd said in a statement "We are delighted to bring our technology, applications and experience to the initiative and to make significant investments in the new datacentre and infrastructure that will be dedicated to the UK Government's G-Cloud initiative."

The launch comes days after finally announced that it will have its own UK-based datacentre ready for 2014 to serve customers in its EMEA region.

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