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ServiceNow launches new iPad product at Knowledge13

Knowledge13 is now in full-swing, following CEO Frank Slootman's keynote speech, delivered to over 3,000 IT professionals in Las Vegas' Aria Hotel.

"The End of No. The Beginning of Now," is the main theme running through this year's conference, as ServiceNow states its desire to transform IT departments for the better. According to the cloud specialist, IT is traditionally slow and unapproachable, but has the potential to become slick, quick and service-centred.

One product ServiceNow hopes will aid this process of advancement is its freshly-launched tablet platform. ServiceNow for iPad runs in almost exactly the same way as its desktop counterpart, with a small handful of additions.

"ServiceNow for iPad is a key innovation in enabling our customers to execute on their enterprise mobility strategy," said Fred Luddy, founder and CPO at ServiceNow. "As mobile devices continue to proliferate in the enterprise, they will become the primary device for users."

First and foremost, since the product is mobile, it is optimised for touch. Also unique to the ServiceNow mobile experience is the integrated 'Card view' function, which allows iPad users to quickly access recent documents, see a list of frequently-used applications and attach images directly from the iPad camera to files on the platform.

"ServiceNow will increasingly add new features and functionality to further help our customers improve service delivery and transform enterprise IT," added Luddy.

ServiceNow for iPad is written in HTML5 and has a very similar-looking interface to the desktop product. All apps (including those that are custom-built) that are accessible on the desktop service are fully-functional on the iPad product.

"The ability to access ServiceNow from an iPad will allow us to do more. For example, our desktop support group can now create an incident or a change request right at the user's desk," said Ian McFarlane, application integration specialist at FMC Corporation. "It's more accessible, easier and much faster to use."

ServiceNow for iPad is available right now, with no additional cost to current ServiceNow customers.

Knowledge13 has already seen the launch of the ServiceNow App Creator, which allows people and companies to quickly develop unique service-oriented enterprise apps.