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HP launches Split X2 Intel-powered Windows 8 hybrid

HP has introduced its new 13in HP Split X2 hybrid laptop line. The Split X2 joins the Windows 8-equipped Envy X2 line and Android-equipped SlateBook X2 line to give users three choices in hybrid detachable devices.

The Split X2 is a 13.3in Windows 8 tablet PC with a detachable keyboard base unit. The Split X2 can function either as a clamshell-style notebook or as a slate tablet, since the system's processor, main storage, and primary battery reside behind the screen.

The Split X2 is powered by an Intel Core i3 or i5 processor, giving you more processing power than the Intel Atom-powered Envy X2. The Split X2 also comes in a darker silver finish that HP calls "Modern Silver."

The Split X2 is just under an inch thick with the keyboard base, and weighs in slightly heavier than the X2, with a total system weight of 1.85kg. The Split X2 has a 128GB SSD built into the screen, with an optional 500GB spinning hard drive in the keyboard base.

This combo lets you carry your apps and critical files with you, while giving you extra storage for media files when you're connected to the keyboard base. Like the Envy X2, the Split X2 comes with an 8-megapixel rear camera and a 1080p HD webcam.

The Split X2 runs Windows 8, and comes with a multi-touch screen. This allows the user to use the system as a traditional laptop or as a slate tablet. The keyboard base also gives the user extra battery life and I/O ports like USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and HDMI.

The Split X2 can be purchased with an optional HP Care Pack with Accidental Damage Protection, which gives the user additional service options including door-to-door service and replacement for damaged hardware. The HP Care Pack is bundled with LoJack, which can protect your data in case you lose your device.

The Split X2 starts at $799 (£525) and will be available in August. UK-specific pricing has yet to be confirmed