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Microsoft offers free Touch Cover with £399 Surface RT tablet

The prices of Windows RT tablets are gently nudging downwards it seems. The Lenovo Yoga 11 hybrid laptop can now be had for a mere £400 and Microsoft has announced that you can now get the 32GB version of the Surface RT tablet with its Touch Cover or a Surface Type Cover (either black, white or aqua) for £399. That's a saving of £80 off the suggested retail price and the 64GB version can also be purchased for £479.

Windows RT has been, overall, a bitter-sweet experience for Microsoft although the software giant will not admit it. Partners like Lenovo and Dell have been discounting their Windows RT devices while others like Acer have stayed away from the platform altogether.

Still, we reckon that Windows 8.5, as we call it, is the way forward for Microsoft as the race to come out with the first unified operating system, one that transcends the traditional barriers between mobile and non-mobile devices is on. And for once, Microsoft seems to be taking some flak for being the first out of the doors.

The free Surface Cover offer is valid till the end of June. Note also that Windows RT is destined to students and consumers as it comes with a version of Office (Office 2013 Home and Student Edition) that very specifically precludes its use in a business environment. You can check out our review of the Microsoft Surface RT tablet here.

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