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Neo Reflection Wireless 3D Finger Mouse preview, a 3D air finger mouse that seems to work well

Since its inception in the 1960s, the computer mouse has come a long way and has long since become a standard piece of equipment for desktop computers. That doesn't mean inventors and manufacturers don't try to come up with even more intuitive ways of controlling computers. Ergonomics specialist R-Go Tools sent us the Wireless 3D Finger Mouse from the Korean brand Neo Reflection. We tried it out and it left us not entirely unsatisfied.

Regardless of your opinion of Windows 8's Metro interface, we are slowly but surely moving in the direction of alternative user interfaces. The WIMP paradigm (Windows, Icons, Mouse & Pointing) no longer goes unchallenged, now that an increasing number of people controlling apps with a relatively simple touch interface is sufficient for many types of applications. Touch interfaces on smartphones and tablets, and so-called '3 yard interfaces' on media players, smart TVs and HTPCs have made it so the mouse no longer is the most intuitive controller for all situations.

Alternative methods are being developed, some based on Kinect or the Leap Motion controller which detect hand movements. This technology also lends itself for making devices that detect larger movements.

The Wireless 3D Finger Mouse is such an alternative. It's basically a ring with a USB stick-sized device attached to it. We were unable to determine the exact nature of the hardware inside (gyroscope, inertia sensor, accelerometer?), but it's able to accurately determine its position in three-dimensional space. It registers the movement of you hand and arm and translates that to a cursor. It's primarily meant for giving presentations and as an alternative for a touchpad on a notebook, but it has a laser sensor as well so you can use it as a miniscule mouse.

The Neo Reflection Wireless 3D Finger Mouse costs 59 euros, excluding VAT. That's not cheap, but considering the hardware probably not excessive. You can read the rest of Neo Reflection Wireless 3D Finger Mouse review on