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Today's Tech: Google I/O keynote roundup, Microsoft Surface Pro release and price revealed, London TVs may survive 4G intrusion

The opening day at Google I/O was filled to the brim with interesting announcements, though perhaps not the ones that some onlookers were expecting. While the Mountain View-based company was focused heavily on new tools and services for developers, a few snazzy consumer-facing features made their way into the keynote as well. No, there wasn’t any sign of fancy new hardware, but Google is clearly taking usability and consumer-friendly interfaces very seriously going forward. Just what did Google unveil during its I/O 2013 keynote? Follow the link for the all-important Google I/O 2013 keynote roundup and find out everything there is to know.

Suitors of Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet now have only a week to wait for its availability, after the Redmond giant confirmed its UK release for 23 May, along with all-important pricing details. The 64GB version of the slate will cost £719 while a 128GB storage model will set you back £799. The price structure certainly reiterates the Surface Pro’s billing as a high-end business tablet, with its fully fledged Windows 8 Pro OS representing the key upgrade on the lower-cost Surface slate running Windows RT. But is it worth the outlay? Check the full article for our take.

EastEnders consumption in London is predicted to go ahead undisturbed by the UK's great 4G switch on, after investigations by the at800 Group revealed that rollout of the new telecoms platform did not disrupt Freeview viewing. The at800 Group kicked off 4G/Freeview interference testing in the capital in April, with parts of west and south London selected as the initial trial areas. It was feared that a TV apocalypse would descend as a result of activating 4G masts, due to the close proximity of the 800MHz LTE frequency to the UK's Freeview signal. However, the London trials failed to result in a single complaint, and at800 Group Freeview testing in the West Midlands was also positive from the perspective of UK 4G operators. Follow the link for the latest on the advancement of 4G in the UK.

Authors of a new security study have emphasised the importance of strengthening threat resistance among individuals and not just machines, as increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks continue to bypass typical security infrastructure. IT association ISACA and consultancy group Ernst & Young have published a how-to book, Responding To Targeted Cyberattacks, and in a taster for the guide, the authors have given their top five tips for tighter security. Primarily, they highlight how education must improve among staff if organisations are to be prepared for modern cyber threats, but you’ll have to follow the link to see the full list.