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Western Digital My Passport Enterprise preview: external Windows To Go disk

The beta test phase of a product like Windows will often have some very interesting features that don't always show up in the final product. A great example of this was Windows To Go, which let you install Windows on a memory stick or external hard disk so you could use it on multiple computers. It's a useful solution particularly for business users that want to be able to work in their own familiar environment without dragging along a laptop everywhere. Windows To Go did not survive to the final version of Windows 8, and is only part of Windows 8 Enterprise, the special version of Windows 8 aimed at business users that also have a contract with Microsoft.

In order to use Windows To Go you need Windows 8 Enterprise but also a storage device that's certified for Windows To Go. A number of USB memory sticks meet this requirement, but also Western Digital has a product that's certified. The Western Digital My Passport Enterprise is a 500 GB hard disk that looks identical to the standard My Passport disks, but only comes in a 500 GB capacity and the color black.

Installing Windows To Go is simple. Windows 8 Enterprise has a built-in wizard that you can find in the settings by entering To Go. You have access to a generalized Windows 8 Enterprise image that you can find on the installation ISO of Windows 8 Enterprise, but you can also create a customized image. The wizard helps you step by step to format the disk and get it ready for use, and with the Windows Bitlocker feature you can add encryption. If Powershell doesn't scare you off, that's another way of creating a To Go disk. The client can also be another version of Windows 8, as long as you have access to a Windows 8 Enterpise .WIM file. Read the rest of the Western Digital My Passport Enterprise preview: external Windows To Go disk on