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Carphone Warehouse debuts online PAYG upgrade service

Carphone Warehouse now allows existing PAYG customers, either its own, from partners and rivals, to save as much as 50 per cent off a new smartphone when the upgrade purchase is done through the retailer's website.

The upgrades are available to customers on a major network (which we reckon excludes the likes of Giff Gaff, Tesco Mobile and most MVNOs) who have been on PAYG for at least six months and continued to top-up their accounts during that period.

Customers will only need to enter their phone numbers online to generate a unique code that will determine their savings. This will not only help decrease the load on Carphone Warehouse's high street shops but also help to build relationships with new customers.

The discounts vary from 50 per cent for the Nokia Asha 206 (from £39.95 to £19.95) to 12 per cent for the Nokia Lumia 620 and the Samsung Ace (from £159.95 to £139.95 and from £79.95 to £69.95 respectively).

It's worth noting that unlike other PAYG offers, this one doesn't require the purchase of additional credit. Bear in mind also that there are other handsets available, such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 (£380). Note that Apple devices and the Galaxy S4 are not available on this offer.

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