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O2 customers getting free Sky TV and Broadband to entice them to stay

Media giant Sky has sent an email to O2 broadband customers with an offer for free TV and broadband for a year, one that's worth £468 and comes as Sky plans to take over O2's broadband segment this autumn, which it inherited from Be Broadband (and will be known as Sky Home Communications).

The offer include unlimited Sky Broadband with no usage caps (that's 14Mb maximum download speed) as well as Free Sky TV including 85 entertainment channels plus the free Sky+HD box. Customers will also need to buy line rental which is worth £14.50 per month (or you can pay £119.40 upfront, that's a saving of £50).

Once the offer ends, users will have to pay for the bundle (or leave) which cost £39 per month excluding the line rental. One wonders whether the two-prong attack from Talktalk (which is investing heavily in Youview) and BT (which is betting massively on live sporting events, Sky's bread and butter) could explain Sky's current approach.

Sky announced its intention to acquire O2 Broadband (and become the second biggest broadband provider in the country) back in March 2013, adding more than 500,000 customers in the process.

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