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Samsung unveils SSD for servers and data centres

Samsung is making some ripples in the lucrative and fast growing enterprise SSD market by announcing its new product, the SM843T which is aimed at the top end of the market and should find its way in high-end servers and data centers.

The company claims that the SSD will offer a 600 per cent performance boost compared to existing traditional hard disk drives as well as power savings of around 30 per cent. We suspect that the comparison is against the likes of the WD Savvio or the Seagate Cheetah range.

A number of models will be available with the biggest one having a capacity of 960GB, reaching up to 98 000 (sustained) random read IOPS (input/output operations per second) and 20 000 sequential TBW (terabytes written). Interestingly, the SSD range will only be available on a 6Gbps SATA interface with SAS being left out for now it seems.

The drive will also feature a number of innovations aimed at improving quality of service, these are referred to by Samsung as the 3S technology. Samsung has been (and remains) one of the more visible players in the booming SSD consumer market with the price of its SSD range (like the Samsung Series 840) flirting with the 50p per GB range after cashback.

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