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Google brings new features and display to Drive for Android

Google has updated its Drive for Android app with a new look and new features aimed at making it easier to store and access your files on the go.

The Internet giant revamped the app's user interface so that files are now displayed in a clean, simple grid view. You can also swipe between photos and other files to see large previews, which should make it a little easier to find and review the specific documents you need.

"The updated Drive for Android app also gives you to a way to keep track of important paper documents like receipts, letters, and billing statements," Google software engineer Denis Teplyashin wrote in a blog post. A new "scan" feature lets you snap a photo of your document and Drive will turn it into a PDF that is stored in your account.

Even better, Drive can recognise text in scanned documents thanks to optical character recognition (OCR) technology, meaning you can search by the contents of the document to find it later. This feature is available from the Add New menu.

"No more frantic scrambling through drawers looking for a receipt or digging through your pockets to find that business card — just scan, upload and search in Drive," Teplyashin wrote.

In addition, if you want to keep a local copy of a specific file on your device, now you can. Simply select the option to "download a copy" from the actions menu inside settings, and the file will be available on your device for offline access. This feature is only available, however, on devices running Android 3.0 Honeycomb and above.

Google also made some improvements to the Spreadsheet editor, now letting you adjust fonts, colours, and cell alignment. The Drive app also supports Cloud Print so you can print anything from Drive with a Cloud Ready printer.

The latest version of Google Drive for Android is available for download from Google Play.