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Sony giving away Xperia Z & Xperia L smartphones with Bravia W9 and W8 TV

Sony is giving away a free Sony Xperia Z smartphone when you purchase either a 46in or a 55in Bravia W9 model which carry a cost of £1,799 and £2,399 respectively. Sadly, the cheaper £1,399 40in Bravia W9 is not part of the deal.

The electronics giant is also giving away a free Xperia L with the 42in and 47in versions of the Bravia W8 series which cost £999 and £1,299 respectively. The Sony Xperia Z costs around £500 while the Xperia L can be had for around half that price.

The offer is available from Sony centres, John Lewis, Currys and a number of other retailers. It's worth pointing out that both handsets support NFC and can be used as a remote control for the televisions they're bundled with simply by tapping together both devices.

We guess the more expensive W9 model is worth the premium given that the Xperia Z is one of the best smartphones on the market. It carries a 5in full HD screen with Reality Display and Mobile BRAVIA 2 technologies, a quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB onboard storage and a 13-megapixel camera.

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