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Gigabyte GA-C847N preview: Mini ITX with onboard Celeron CPU

Late last year Gigabyte announced the GA-C847N Mini-ITX motherboard, equipped with an on-board Celeron 847 processor. Today we will take a closer look at it and compare it to other Mini-ITX boards equipped with Intel Atom and AMD E-processors.

The Celeron 847 is not a processor we encounter every day. It's a mobile processor from the Intel Sandy Bridge generation, built for energy-efficiency. The chip has a TDP of only 17W, only a couple watts more than the Intel Atom processors used in netbooks. The Celeron 847 contains two CPU cores that run at 1.1 GHz, without Turbo mode or HyperThreading. The Sandy Bridge chip has 2 MB of L3 cache. The integrated GPU is just called Intel HD Graphics and contains six execution units running at a maximum of 800 MHz.

It's a BGA chip that's used in laptops and on Mini ITX motherboards, and it's actually soldered directly onto the PCB. While the Celeron 847 is primarily intended for entry-level laptops, Gigabyte used it for a motherboard in this case. It's not that strange, as it looks that Celeron is taking the place of Atom in the segment of Mini ITX boards. ITX boards with Atom D2700 or other Atom CPUs all appear to be end-of-life. It's unclear whether Intel will make the new Silvermont generation of Atom chips available for these types of motherboards, or if those are reserved for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

The GA-C847N motherboard has a Mini ITX format of 17x17 cm. Gigabyte put an active fan on the CPU, as 17W is a bit too much for just passive cooling. The motherboard has an Intel NM70 chipset, a modified mobile version of the 7 series chipsets. The board has room for two standard DDR3 memory modules. The board has a single PCI expansion slot, but no PCI-Express. You can read the rest of Gigabyte GA-C847N preview: Mini ITX with onboard Celeron CPU on