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UK tourists unperturbed by high roaming charges

Over three-quarters of British holiday-makers use their mobile phones abroad despite high roaming costs, according to a report by AeroMobile.

The survey of 2,000 UK customers showed that 78 per cent use their mobile phones overseas, with 62 per cent texting family back home and a less impressive 13 per cent keeping up to date with social media.

Less than a fifth use their mobile phones to browse the web when on holiday, with men more likely to surf online than women, showing that the boys-and-their-toys stereotype still has some truth to it.

26 per cent of men won't bring their mobile phones on holiday, while only 16 per cent of women will ditch their mobiles. 30 per cent of over 55s don't bring a mobile phone abroad, compared to just 13 per cent of those between the ages of 25-34, highlighting the generation divide with mobile technology.

“What’s clear from this research is that there is demand, particularly from the younger generation, to be connected whenever, wherever," said Kevin Rogers, CEO of AeroMobile.

"In the past roaming has been a contentious issue, but we’re now seeing better deals available for consumers who want to use their mobile devices overseas.”